What does “new work” mean at HDU?

What does “new work” mean at HDU?

Jasmin Jaeckel and Dennis Rossmannek, two of HDUs expert have been appointed to lead the HDU “C-Force” as of April 2022. We sat down with them to discuss what C-Force does, and what “new work” means at the Heidelberg Digital Unit.

Jasmin, Dennis, could you briefly introduce yourself?
Dennis: My Name is Dennis and I have been working for Heidelberg since 2005. Initially I started with an apprenticeship as a printer. After three years I graduated successfully and worked as an offset printer in our Print Media Center. After some time I decided to go back to school and did a dual study program in mechanical engineering together with Heidelberg. During my time as a student at Heidelberg I had the chance to work on a lot of different projects in many different departments within Heidelberg. One of my absolute highlights was a project which I was working on for six months in our Chinese factory in Qingpu/Shanghai. After my study I first started as a product manager in our Lifecycle department. A few years later I joined the Heidelberg Digital Unit and started as a Business Manager. Now I am a Senior Project Manager and responsible for many important topics within the HDU but also Heidelberg in general. The HDU always fascinated me as in my view it stands for the future. I really like the idea of new work and I strongly believe that the future of work has to be different and be defined together with the employees.

Jasmin: My name is Jasmin and I’ve been with the company since I started my dual studies in industrial engineering back in 2016. Similar to Dennis, I got to know lots of different departments during my studies such as the product management and the assembly. After my graduation I joined the HDU’s Sales Excellence Team, where I’m responsible for multiple global projects and work very closely together with our sales colleagues all over the world. What I like about the HDU is that we have a very modern workspace, motivated people and also a modern way of working. By that I mean that we use agile methods and have flat hierarchies, where we get the chance to make a difference and take over responsibility.

Could you tell us a couple of words about what C-Force is and what it does?
Jasmin: Of course, the C-Force (which stands for “Change-Force”) includes representatives from all teams, that are working in our Hall 44 (which is home to HDU – the editor). As a team we are driving new work in our departments, and we want to further develop the HDU spirit. In that respect we are working on improving our cross-team communication, collaboration and networking. Especially since we have the flexibility to choose the place of work, this has gained a lot of importance, but it has also made the exchange more difficult.

Dennis: What is really important for us is that we are able to make decision together with our management at eye level and that we can represent the interest of all colleagues in that close cooperation with the management. We want our colleagues to understand that we are able to change the way of working together. This of course is a big change in the mindset of the employee but also of the management which is why such things need time.

You mentioned new work, what does it mean in this context?
Dennis: New work for us consists of three pillars; the first pillar is the workplace. This pillar is all about creating a great, inspirational and motivational environment where employees can be creative, productive and simply enjoy work. With our new and very modern Hall we already made the first step. It has a lot of places where we have the chance to collaborate in an inspirational atmosphere. The hall has perfect rooms for team but also individual work. Here we have places where it can be very silent but also places where it is a bit louder and where people can come together to have a coffee and a chat with other colleagues.
The second pillar is the culture. This pillar might probably be the most import but also the most difficult one. The culture has a lot do with the mindset and the general values employees but also the management has. Changing the culture is a time-consuming process but we already started working on it. We have different initiatives in place, such as the “Collab-Wednesday”, where we meet in the Hall every Wednesday to share some cake, coffee and talks and just bring all colleagues together. We take part in the management meetings and represent the interests of the employees and many more. The third and last pillar is the tools and methods. This pillar is all about the tools such as technical equipment’s and methods such as Scrum and Design Thinking which we are using in our daily work. Here we are constantly working on improving the technical equipment and are also offering specific trainings to employees.

What has been the most exciting project related to new work so far?
Jasmin: We are just at the beginning of working with our new C-Force team, so we are currently keeping up the existing approaches, which Dennis described. Additionally, we already have a lot of new topics and ideas we started working on. It was a very fun process to build this team with motivated people, who all want to make a difference in their daily work life and are open-minded, when it comes to new work. A really cool new work project from the past was the building and designing of our hall, which was a task of the former new work team.

Where do you see the HDU “spirit” evolving in the future?
Dennis: We want to make working at HDU a pleasant experience for everyone, no matter if you’re working from home or in the office or which team you’re part of, working for HDU shall always be enjoyable, creative and inspirational. I strongly believe that this strengthens the satisfaction of our employees and at the end makes them much more productive. In terms of the HDU spirit, our goal is to strengthen the feeling of “togetherness”.
Jasmin: On the one hand, we want to make sure, that our colleagues feel safe, when they are coming to the office and that we can create possibilities to meet and collaborate personally in the hall. On the other hand, we also need to strengthen this collaboration and communication, independent from where you’re working. And the better we achieve this, the closer we’re getting to this sense of togetherness, which is embedded in our HDU spirit.

Our Purpose
We want to promote and further develop the HDU Spirit in a cross-team and personal communication and cooperation to create a pleasant, modern work culture with a strong sense of togetherness. In addition, we want to be the trusted contact and representative of interests for all colleagues in close cooperation with our management

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