Testimonial videos: Social proofs that connect people and brands

Testimonial videos: Social proofs that connect people and brands

It is a universal truth that customers who speak out in favor of a given product in videos significantly help improve the credibility of the product and of its manufacturer. By voicing the positive opinions of satisfied customers about a brand, video testimonials enable manufacturers to address the concerns of hesitant prospects. The most convincing testimonials are those who act as “social proof”, – i.e. where customers are allowed to express themselves with their own words, in the most direct way possible, and (most importantly) in their own working environment.

In B2B, – just like in B2C, – videos and moving images keep increasing in importance compared to other formats. At the Heidelberg Digital Unit, we’ve learned to make full use of this confidence-boosting instrument. All the more so as videos are particularly effective in presenting complex issues in an easy-to-understand and entertaining manner. A recent example is our video testimonial of Rondo AG, – a technology pioneer in packaging printing offering just-in-time delivery for the pharmaceutical industry and avid user of Heidelberg technology. The video is of equal interest to packaging printers and brand buyers.

According to the American business magazine Forbes, 70% of B-to-B purchasing decisions are based on videos from brand owners. 64% of marketing managers attribute the increase in sales directly to the use of videos. At Heidelberg, videos have become essential to raising brand awareness and retaining customers. We share videos on an almost daily basis on our YouTube channel. Boasting 8,000 subscribers, the Heidelberg YouTube community is growing steadily from year to year.

About the Rondo video: the shooting lasted two days and resulted in 8 hours of film material and over 200 photos. Scenes from Rondo’s production chain were captured by drone flight in the production hall and above the roofs of the company’s headquarters.

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