Starting a “New Work” experience in Hall 44

Starting a “New Work” experience in Hall 44

Digital transformation is changing our lives in every possible ways – and our work habits too. This raises the question of how we should adapt our working environment: in which setting will we be able to create the most added value for customers and employees alike? What influence do our working methods, attitudes and values have on the sustainable success of our company? Can new office spaces positively influence our ways of working and boost our creativity?

September 25 marks the start of a new era for the HDU:  our organization is moving into Hall 44 of Heidelberg’s Wiesloch-Waldorf campus, where we will start our “New Work” experience.

Hall 44 offers an innovative space concept that meets the organization’s requirements and fosters new ways of working: from concentrated individual work, workshops and scrum to larger meetings in open spaces in which we can freely debate and exchange ideas. The hall also includes plenty of space designed to evoke positive feelings and promote ideation and creativity.

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