Speed-mentoring for start-ups at our Innovation Center

Speed-mentoring for start-ups at our Innovation Center

On September 19, Heidelberg hosted a Speed-Mentoring event organized by the Wissensfabrik – a German non-governmental organization and think-tank regrouping approx. 140 companies, dedicated to fostering education and entrepreneurship among young people and founders of start-ups. Acting nationwide, Wissenfabrik aims at making a sustainable contribution to Germany’s innovative strength.

In the afternoon of September 19, four start-up companies were invited at the Heidelberg Innovation Center (IVZ). There, they were given the opportunity to have a topic of their choice analyzed by mentors from established companies such as BASF, SAP and Heidelberg, in view of gathering external perspectives and new impulses. Together with other experts from the parent company, Ms. Mechling, Chairperson of the HDU, provided valuable insights about Heidelberg’s digitalization effort and transformation process. The event was also a great opportunity to share perspectives with entrepreneurs of different horizons.

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