Presentation of the Primefire with Virtual Reality at IGAS

Presentation of the Primefire with Virtual Reality at IGAS

A double premiere at IGAS (International Graphic Arts Show) in Japan: the public launch of the Primefire 106 and for the first time Heidelberg presented a press in Virtual Reality.

The immersive experience combines the presentation of product information with entertainment. Complex machine sequences are simulated and the unique functions and advantages of the printing press are vividly conveyed.

The use of this innovative technology increased the popularity of the Primefire 106 at IGAS, which also became the main topic of the industry.

However, it was not only possible to achieve great brand awareness and involvement, the VR presentation served also as direct sales support – a large number of marketing qualified leads and sales opportunities were generated. Moreover, this was realized  with a lower marketing investment compared to a real machine presentation.

The VR video can be found here. A suitable smartphone and VR glasses are required for a VR display.

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