PAT Wins Pinnacle InterTech Award 2021

PAT Wins Pinnacle InterTech Award 2021

Since 1978, the Pinnacle InterTech Awards have honored new technologies that experienced industry judges deem to be truly innovative and likely to have a significant impact on printing and graphic arts companies. The award is presented by the PRINTING United Alliance, an association of the printing and graphics industry in the USA.

Among the 13 winners of this year’s Pinnacle InterTech Award 2021 is PAT, Performance Advisor Technology.
With PAT, Heidelberg has introduced a digital advisory service that continuously analyzes the performance data of our customers’ presses and identifies significant changes. Based on this, specific recommendations are suggested to customers in conjunction with helpful information such as online training to improve press performance and processes. Once the recommended measures have been implemented, PAT monitors the impact on key performance indicators. Using artificial intelligence, PAT identifies which of the actions were helpful and which were not, and adjusts the priority of the recommendations accordingly. PAT learns with each use case.

One of the judges for the 2021 Pinnacle InterTech Awards commented on PAT saying that “[t]he shortage of skilled press operators makes AI-based advice like this really important”.
You can find more information about PAT here.


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