Our changing working environment – the first 100 days at the new hall 44

Our changing working environment – the first 100 days at the new hall 44

A report by Paula Bscher, intern at the HDU


Preparation – a new start

We initiated the project “New Work” prior to our move to the new Hall. The new work process started for us by coming together as colleagues to understand our needs and wishes. This led to the creation of the “Switchboard”. The Switchboard is a cross functional team with representatives from every department which meets every two weeks.  Together we discuss ideas of how we would like to work and how our working environment should reflect these ideas and decide which ideas will be realized.

So, what is new work to us? A combination of agility, network, teamwork, creativity, wellbeing and most importantly identity. We hope that the initiative “New work” will give us greater flexibility and more agility mentally and physically to perform in an outstanding matter.


A new workplace – from us, for us

This mentality is mirrored in Hall 44, our new office space. HDU employees decided democratically about everything you can see today, in order to create the best working environment and a shared feeling of identity. This includes color schemes, how our space is used from thinktanks for individual work, to homezones which foster our communication.


„Homezones”, „Clean Desk“, and „Non-Territorial Work“

A homezone is a designated area for a department, where the employees work “non-territorial”, meaning without fixed seating. This is important to us because it allows people to sit together who work together. We can shape our collaborations in a new way. As part of non-territorial work, we live by a “Clean Desk Policy”, meaning that we take away all our work and personal items from our workplace at the end of the day and store them in our own locker.


New mindset – culture is key

Having moved in, we found ourselves confronted with little problems here and there. It was evident that not everything will work right away and that we will have to adapt our behavior to our new working environment. And this is part of new work, creating a new mindset. New means change and embracing change, and it is key to our companies’ culture.

When you look around Hall 44 the most evident examples of New Work are how it is changing the way we communicate and collaborate. Ideas are listened to and reflected on. Interdisciplinary teams come together and use agile working methods to fast-track the implementation of projects and promote the development of innovative ideas.

We changed our attitude from “Why?” to “Why not?”.


Paula accompanied the move into the new Hall 44 from August to December 2019 and helped to shape the topic “New Work”.

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