Open for innovations: Welcome to the IvZ

Open for innovations: Welcome to the IvZ

From manufacturer of printing presses to digital service company 

You can almost feel it in the air: Heidelberg is undergoing a radical transformation. Silo thinking has become a thing of the past and coordinated processes have grown central to the organization. With the advent of the digital economy, the focus has shifted from one-time transactions to “relationship management” – and the manufacturer has become part of the customer process. This transformation has brought changes in the corporate culture as well as new methods and ways of working.



In the new Heidelberg Innovation Center (IvZ), Hall Nr. 10, these changes are immediately noticeable. The 40,000 square meters structure where workers used to assemble printing presses is now home to the company’s researchers, developers, consultants and software experts. The smell of the assembly line still hangs in the air and markings on the floor are still clearly visible. The exterior walls have given way to large-scale glass fronts that provide light for 13 huge “cubes” hosting 80 employees each, laboratories, test areas, meeting rooms and coffee corners. In the Heidelberg Innovation Center, which opened in 2018, the future and the present are closely linked. The factory building was built in the hey days of the 90s – right about when Heidelberg started delivering printing presses that are digitally integrated and remotely controlled and serviceable. Heidelberg has made decisive changes in the transition from technology to platform business.

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