HDU is Challenge Setter at the Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2019

HDU is Challenge Setter at the Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2019

The Heidelberg Digital Unit will be present at Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2019 with a challenge on Big Data & Process Mining.

Hackdays Rhein-Neckar will take place from 14 to 17 February 2019. Hackdays or hackathons – a word created from “hack” and “marathon” – are a collaborative software development event. The participants are given tasks in teams to jointly develop innovative solutions.

Heidelberg will be attending the Hackdays for the first time and is looking forward to creative solutions from the participants. “We are working on a challenge that focuses on customer productivity. We are thus giving the participants a very challenging and directly beneficial application to the subject of Heidelberg’s work. At the same time, a hackathon is also a stage for finding new talent and winning them over to the company,” explains Tom Oelsner, contact person at Heidelberg for the hackdays.

The challenges are as varied as the companies they are giving up. For Heidelberg, the Heidelberg Digital Unit will be a tricky technical task. It’s about data analysis and data processing. Our cloud is connected to more than 11,000 machines worldwide that provide terabytes of data every month. This data tells us a lot about the performance of machines around the world. Here, a multidimensional visualization will be designed to illustrate and compare the productivity of the printers. With process mining and machine learning techniques, the “hackers” can immerse themselves deep in the data and show us how to design lean processes with a sound business understanding.

In line with the diverse challenges, very heterogeneous teams of talented individuals are in demand: From business studies to design to IT, anyone who wants to take on the digital design and tech challenges of companies is very welcome! Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hermann says: “We have the data, you have the talent and together we can create new digital business models to shape the future of our industry”.

Further information and registration for the Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2019 on the Website and Xing.





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