HDU challenge setter once again at Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2020

HDU challenge setter once again at Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2020

Once again, the Heidelberg Digital Unit is a challenge setter at Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2020 – an event where teams of participants develop innovative solutions to digital challenges.



In our challenge, labelled „Industrial Insurtech – Data-driven Service Contracts”, you will design a smart service contract, based on IoT data, that considers the diverse needs of our customers. Analyze IoT data and investigate the machine usage and the service history of our printing presses to develop your solutions.

How could a dynamic pricing model consider actual machine usage and the current performance of the service contract to find a solution that is beneficial both for our customers and for Heidelberg. How could the analysis of the lifetime performance of a service contract be used to optimize maintenance behavior? With your creative solutions you design the future of the printing industry.

At the first edition of Hackdays Rhein-Neckar, Heidelberg already participated as a challenge setter. During the company pitches the Heidelberg winning team stood out from the many impressive pitches, convinced the jury and the audience and won the audience award of the entire event. Two talents stood out particularly and are working for Heidelberg today. After last year’s success we are extremely excited and are looking forward to our next Hackathon. We will spend four intense days with you working on our challenge and enjoying the unique atmosphere of a Hackathon!

Even though the word „hackathon“ is a word coining of “hacking” and “marathon”, intensive coding skills are not a necessary requirement. Alongside developers and data scientists, insurance, finance, business and marketing experts are applying as well – a versatile team is the recipe for success. Further information and the link to the application portal can be found here. We are excited to meet you!

Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2020 takes place from February 27th until March 1st. The event location for this year is the Print Media Academy Heidelberg – which we are especially excited about: this is our home turf! Additionally, we invite you to our Print Media Center. Here you will experience our printing presses at first hand before analyzing their data in the following days.

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