#Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2019: HDU Challenge wins Best Audience Award

#Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2019: HDU Challenge wins Best Audience Award

At the Hackdays Rhein-Neckar 2019, 30 young talents from 13 nations took part in the challenge set by the HDU (Heidelberg Digital Unit), aimed at developing solutions to improve the productivity of Heidelberg customers based on data from the Heidelberg Cloud. At the end of the 48-hours competition, three teams presented their solutions to the HDU jury led by Sonja Mechling, Managing Director, with members of the Prinect team, the HDU Data team and the Heidelberg Assistant team. The “Customer Centricity” award went to a solution offering customer training sessions based on operator data. The “Best Data Science” award went to a further development of the Heidelberg Sheetfed Benchmark (Milky Way). The main prize, worth €1,200, went to a concept that uses process optimization to further increase the productivity of Heidelberg customers.

More than 10,000 hours of Heidelberg Cloud’s CPU power and over 20 terabytes of data were used during the datathon for over 32,000 database queries. Feedback from the participating talents was very positive: “The combination of different cultures and skills combined with great work that was done for the preparation of the data made the challenge particularly interesting and led to excellent team results. Heidelberg is much cooler than we expected,” said two participants.

The HDU team too was enthusiastic: “Time just flew by. The commitment of the talents and of the many Heidelberg supporters carried us forward,” said Rick Radewagen, Data Scientist in charge of the challenge. Over 2,000 fans followed the Hackathon on Twitter.

The best teams of the challenges from BASF, Bilfinger-Berger, John Deere, Mannheimer Morgen, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Pepperl+Fuchs, SAP and the HDU presented their business ideas to an audience of over 300 representatives from the Rhein-Neckar region. The Heidelberg team won the Best Audience Award by a landslide.

“The results of the teams’ work provide a solid basis for implementing important joint HDU, Prinect and Service projects for drupa over the next twelve months in the field of benchmarking, process mining and much more,” said Tom Oelsner, Project Manager of Hackdays for Heidelberg.


* Photos: Jair Rojas

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