First HDU Webinar: Closer to customers worldwide

First HDU Webinar: Closer to customers worldwide

Making machines and innovations tangible at first hand – at the same time anywhere in the world: HDU shows how maximum attention can be achieved via the digital channel!

In the equipment area, the Print Media Center Commercial in Wiesloch-Walldorf presented a machine demonstration via webinar for the first time. Customers on all five continents were able to connect to the live presentations on two days in three time slots – directly at their own desks and optionally in German or English.

Our goal was to optimally involve the participants in the live demo and to initiate a lively exchange of ideas. We succeeded all around! Spectators were immediately able to answer their questions and discuss directly with their colleagues from Heidelberg. Short surveys provided all participants with additional added value – and us with valuable information to gear our products and services even more closely to the needs of our customers.

Both the invitation and the follow-up were fully digital via our marketing automation solution. The events themselves were hosted by GoToWebinar and automatically synchronized in our CRM. Subsequently, the registered persons received an e-mail with the link to the recording.

Interested parties who have not registered can access webinar recordings via the respective product pages at – after submitting their contact details. The latter will help our sales force to follow up in a targeted manner in order to attract further potential buyers.

The webinars proved to be a complete success. Never before has it been so easy for our customers to get a comprehensive first impression of our product innovations without a long journey. The feedback was extremely positive and showed us that we were on the right track with our live demos via the online channel.

At the end of February we will be holding another “open” webinar for the Speedmaster CX 75. Announcements and invitations will be made via social media portals such as LinkedIn or Xing. Another webinar on the subject of “Prinect Production Manager” is planned for mid-March.

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