700 customers from 40 nations in 11 days? Hooray for house events!

700 customers from 40 nations in 11 days? Hooray for house events!

Events galore at Heidelberg

Over a period of 11 days during the month of May 2019, more than 700 customers from 40 nations visited us at our locations of Heidelberg and Wiesloch-Walldorf to attend our Prinect User Days, Packaging Days and Commercial Day.

Surprised? Didn’t you read somewhere on this website that the HDU’s philosophy was “digital-first”? And aren’t face-to-face events a thing of the past?


No, “digital” marketing did not kill the “human touch”

Let’s be honest: now that B2B manufacturers – Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG included – have entered the digital age, the main objective of marketing departments today is to attract customers to their online platforms, and to keep them there as long as possible, enticing them to hop from social media feeds to landing pages to apps, with the objective of reducing as much as possible any type of analog interaction.

“Of course, the online customer journey has become extremely important in our marketing mix”, explains Rainer Thielmann, Events Manager at the HDU. “But in our industry where powerful, complex, expensive printing machinery constitutes the most important investment for our customers, the human factor still plays an important role. In this regard, customer events are the crucible where business relationships are made.”


How customer events and digital marketing complement each other

The benefits of live events for our industry are undeniable: where else could customers experience the true reality of a printing press – its power, dimensions, design, even the sounds it makes when it is running? Where else could customers discuss everything that matters to them, – their projects for the future, their pain points and successes – with the entire range of experts our company counts – operators, workflow specialists, application experts, product managers? Only face-to-face events can reach through the screen and bring everyone together in the same space.

This doesn’t mean that nothing has changed in the traditional field of event marketing since the advent of digitization.

Today, digitization has become an integral part of our event marketing strategy” says Rainer. “Our entire event communication unfolds online, from email invitations, to social media posts all the way through to online registration. And after each event, we make sure to keep the dialog alive by offering customers the possibility to watch replays of keynote presentations, register for webinars on topics that were tackled at the event, download assets etc.”

Watch a few impressions of our May 2019 events in these short videos:

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